‘Bad Boys 3’ Plot Reportedly Revealed, Burnett & Lowery To Fall Out

It appears that Sony is slowly brining in the pieces to get things going for the longly anticipated ‘Bad Boys 3’. So far it has been confirmed that the project entitled ‘Bad Boys For Life’ will reunite Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. If you have been following this story, you would know that the project recently swapped directors when director Joe Carnahan had to pull out from the project. Now for the latest news concerning ‘Bad Boys For Life’, we are finding out what the film will be about. According to a synopsis shared by THS, viewers will catch back up with detectives Lowery and Burnett during a rough patch in their friendship.

The latest instalment has now got a name – Bad Boys for Life – and it’s been confirmed that both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be reprising their roles. The film is set to start shooting in August/September this year and will hit cinemas next year. According to That Hashtag Show, some details of the plot have been leaked. The new film will see Marcus Burnett (played by Lawrence) working as a private investigator having fallen out with Mike Lowery (Smith). Lowery’s is in the midst of a mid-life crisis while having to deal with being matched with a new younger partner. The pair find themselves reunited after an Albanian man puts out a death order on both men, for the killing of his brother.


If all goes well we are set to see the project in 2019.


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