‘Bad Boys’ Series Pilot With Gabriel Union & Jessica Alba To Be Titled ‘L.A.’s Finest’

Photo: instagram/GabUnion

As you should know, NBC has been hard at work to bring together a pilot based on the Bad Boys film franchise. So far the cast includes Gabriel Union, Jessica Alba, and Dwayne Martin. In a nutshell, the project is supposed to be a female version of ‘Bad Boys’ with Alba and Union as the shows leading detectives. Today, it was revealed that the untitled project will now officially go by the titled, ‘L.A.’s Finest’.

NBC’s drama pilot starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, a spinoff from the Bad Boys movie franchise, finally has a title: L.A.’s Finest. The project follows the Special Agent Syd Burnett character played by Union in 2003’s Bad Boys II movie as she moves to Los Angeles and joins the LAPD. Like often is the case with offshoots from popular franchises that don’t feature the lead characters, the TV series could not carry the Bad Boys moniker. The TV show represents a female take on the Bad Boys movies — which focused on two partnered Miami Police detectives, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith — with two female LAPD detective partners, played by Union and Alba, at the center. Likely for that reason, the spinoff had been unofficially referred to Bad Girls. That name didn’t stick, and NBC already has a drama series called Good Girls, which would have made the juxtaposition awkward. Officially, the pilot had been called Untitled Gabrielle Union project, which also became awkward after Alba was cast as the co-lead opposite Union.


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