Bill Cosby And Louis CK Removed From Spotify’s Top-Ranked Comedy Playlists

As you may know, two of Bill Cosby’s notable honors have been taken back and now media giant Spotify is removing Cosby from their top-ranked comedy playlist. Cosby is not alone, as Louis C.K. has been also removed from the coveted comedy playlist. This comes as some unfortunate news took over the headlines with both men being associated with forms of sexual assault allegations, in which Cosby was found guilty on three charges. It is noted that you can still hear comedy tracks from both comedians but you will have to do a direct search on the platform to find them. Thoughts on Spotify’s move?

After stripping both R. Kelly and rapper XXXTentacion from highly-trafficked playlists, the streaming giant is now focusing on comedians.  Just this morning, sources to Digital Music News pointed to the removals of both Bill Cosby and Louis C.K. from its comedy playlists. Bill Cosby was recently convicted of aggravated indecent assault and has been battling dozens of accusations of drug-inducted rape against women for years. Louis C.K. admitted to masturbating in front of numerous women in 2017.


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