Bill Cosby Cracks ‘Drinking Joke’ About Sexual Assault Allegations During Show

bill cosby

As reported, Bill Cosby has been in Ontario, Canada for three shows a midst sexual assualt allegations. If you were ever waiting to hear Cosby address the sexual assualt allegations verbally, will he finally did have something to say. During his performance last night in Ontario, Cosby being the comedian he is ended up making a joke on the allegations during his performance.

As Bill Cosby faced his first hecklers over his mounting sexual assault allegations during his Canadian tour, the embattled comedian reportedly poked fun at the growing scandal during a Thursday night date in London, Ontario. The National Post newspaper reported that Cosby at one point during his Budweiser Gardens appearance asked a woman exiting the front row where she was going. When she said to get a drink and would he want one, Cosby reportedly replied “I already have one,” pointing to a bottle of water next to him on stage, before adding, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.” That reply apparently brought gasps from the audience, before a round of applause.


Some people took to social media once news spread to voice their thoughts on Cosby’s response including Power 105.1’s radio host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne went on to suggest that the joke from Cosby might have been the best move given the current circumstances. “Bill Cosby is 77 years old. It’s a big ass ketchup stain on the fresh, clean, white tee that was his legacy. He gotta go out swinging.“, Charlamagne tweeted from his account @CThaGod.

Before last night, Cosby has been relatively quiet on the growing allegations, was his light joke on the allegations a good decision?

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