Bill Cosby Defended By Joey Badass, Rapper Calls Out Media

joey badass

As documents slowly reveal Bill Cosby’s potential guilt on claims of sexual assault, not everyone is agreeing on how the media is handling the story. Brooklyn emcee Joey Badass joins a select few of celebrities who have stepped up in Cosby’s defense. Using his social media accounts on Twitter and Snapchat, Joey went on to accuse the media of ‘Brainwashing’ and slander.

Here’s some of what Joey went on to say on a recent Snapchat:

Bill Cosby is the first of many honorable black men in this generation to be humiliated and crucified by the media. Or maybe Bill Cosby is just a rapist — and it could just be that. But I’ll tell you this: They’re going extra hard because he’s a fucking black man. I didn’t see Zimmerman get slandered, I didn’t see Darren Wilson get slandered. We’re talking about murderers, not rapists. Murderers — we’re talking about people who can’t, in no way, bring back or even say sorry to that person…

To make sure his message was further heard, Joey also took his thoughts to Twitter where he went to call out the media.

Following the Tweets, Joey received his own backlash for his statements, which he later explained on Snapchat. Just last week, Whoopi Goldberg went on The View to defend Cosby but since then has retracted her thoughts as court documents have came out. Cosby has yet to be found guilty.

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