Bill Cosby Faces 10 Years In Prison If Convicted For Upcoming Trial

In the latest news surrounding Bill Cosby we are finding out a little more details about his trial set for June. In the trial surrounding allegations of Cosby sexually assaulting a Temple university employee; he is reportedly facing 10 years in prison. If he is convicted, Cosby would be in his early 90’s years of age.

Bill Cosby’s June trial for the alleged 2004 sexual assault of a then-Temple University employee is expected to last about two weeks, a Pennsylvania judge said today. Jury screening for the trial scheduled for June 5 is likely to start May 22 or May 29 in the Pittsburgh-area Allegheny County, where jurors will be chosen, Judge Steven O’Neill said this morning in his Norristown, PA, courtroom. If convicted, Cosby could end up behind bars for up to a decade.


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