Bill Cosby To Receive His Sentencing On September 24th

(AP Photo/Corey Perrine, Pool)

Bill Cosby will find out how long he will be behind bars this September. Today, it has been revealed that Cosby’s sentencing for his recent guilty verdict will happen on Sept. 24th. As reported, if sentenced to the maximum amount years behind bars for his charges, Cosby could easily spend the rest of his life in prison. Stay here for the latest.

Bill Cosby will be sentenced Sept. 24 — five months after he was convicted of sexual assault. Judge Steven O’Neill set the date on Tuesday. Cosby’s lawyers had asked to delay sentencing until December. The entertainer turns 81 in July and is likely to face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Cosby has been a prisoner in his suburban Philadelphia mansion since the April 26 conviction.


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