Bill Cosby’s Kennedy Center Honors And Mark Twain Prize Taken Back

Photo: RadarOnline

Following his recent conviction, two of Bill Cosby’s most notable honors are being taken back. Yesterday, it was revealed that Cosby’s Kennedy Center Honors And Mark Twain Prize were to be revoked as a response to his recent guilty verdict that came with three charges of sexual assault. This for some may come as no surprise as it has been discussed that Cosby’s allegations & now conviction could affect his career highlights.

The 2009 and 1998 awards, respectively, were rescinded Monday by the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, a spokesperson said the board had voted for the move “as a result of Mr. Cosby’s recent criminal conviction,” as his actions have “overshadowed the very career accomplishments these distinctions from the Kennedy Center intend to recognize.”



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