Bill Cosby’s Star Attorney Monique Pressley Departs From Cosby’s Legal Team

Bill Cosby has taken another loss when it comes to the defense apart of his current court battles. The legendary stand-up comedian has now lost a member from his legal defense. We all became familiar with Attorney Monique Presely during the first break of Cosby sexual allegations last year and now the attorney who was praised for her efforts is leaving Cosby’s side.

Just over two months ago, actor-comedian Bill Cosby gave his former main attorney the boot. Now, it appears as if he’s lost another power player. Monique Pressley now joins Christopher Tayback as the latest attorney to depart from Cosby’s legal team. The Washington, D.C.-based attorney announced in court documents that she will no longer be representing the legendary comedian after doing so for more than a year. Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s spokesperson, also confirmed that Pressley will not be working with him moving forward, Deadline reports. Pressley did not state the reason for her departure and has not responded to any media requests for comment. Cosby’s team now consist of Angela Agrusa, director of litigation for Liner LLP, and Brian McMonagle, a Pennsylvania-based attorney.


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