Black Dynamite Writer, Carl Jones Shares Why There Hasn’t Been A Black Comedian To Breakout Like Dave Chappelle

carl jones

Before a new episode of Black Dynamite airs this Saturday on Adult Swim, writer Carl Jones of the show recently talked with Vice. For his conversation, Jones touched on the recent drama surrounding Bill Cosby and even touched on the state of where black comedy was, in which he explained why Dave Chappelle stood out from many.

VICE: You made the point that Black Dynamite is like the last black-centric cartoon on television. Where do you see black comedy going? Because Hannibal is obviously coming up, and Eric Andre, Jerrod Carmichael, and all of these comedians who are doing great work, but no one has broken out in the way that Chappelle did. So what’s next, as someone who’s working in the business?
JONES: ​Well, I think there’s a lot of funny comedians—the question is, are there a lot of funny comedians with a very distinct point of view? Because it’s easier to tell jokes, it’s harder to have a point of view with your jokes. There are a lot of guys in this town who had pilots and just never went anywhere because they didn’t have the point of view, and Dave was one of the very few people who had a very strong, strong, strong point of view. Like, when you watched the show, it all felt cohesive to his perspective, it was very, very specific…Today, I think more comics are more like hoes in a way, like they’d rather—and I’m not saying anybody specifically—but they’d rather just kind of prostitute themselves. Like, the cheap joke and the low-hanging fruit is always there, and usually if it’s hard-to-get work, you end up going for it, and so you find yourself doing shit that you normally wouldn’t do and compromise your own integrity, and it’s especially difficult today because you have Tumblr, and Instagram, and Vine, which is really killing the game, so like if you were going to create a sketch show, I don’t even know how you begin to approach a sketch show competing against Vine, because these kids are amazing.

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