Black-Ish Creator Kenya Barris Being Sued For $1 Million Over Idea Of Show


Kenya Barris should be rejoicing right now due all of his recent success but someone from his past looks to cancel his parade. It is being reported that a former colleague of his is now suing Barris for and estimated $1 Million while claiming previous work he and Barris worked on was used without his knowledge for Black-Ish.

Just two days after inking an overall feature films deal at 20th Century Fox, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris was hit with a more than $1M lawsuit today claiming he ripped off the idea for the hit ABC comedy. “Plaintiff is informed and believes that at some point between the end of 2006 and September 2014, Defendant Barris – using Plaintiff’s idea for the Original Untitled Script – wrote, developed and shopped the pilot episode for Black-ish without Plaintiff’s knowledge or authorization,” alleges music video director and Idlewild helmer Bryan Barber in the breach of contract and fraud jury-trial-seeking complaint (read it here) filed in L.A. Superior Court on Friday. “Indeed, Defendant Barris intentionally concealed these facts from Plaintiff. The pilot episode for Black-ish was predicated in all material respects on Plaintiff’s idea and/or the Original Untitled Script.”Essentially Barber claims that the never produced script based on his life that he and fellow Clark Atlanta University and supposed old pal Barris co-wrote for VH-1 back in the last decade was “hijacked” and slightly retooled into the September 24, 2014 debuting series staring Anthony Anderson.


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