Black-Ish Episode Discussing ‘Kneeling Athletes’ Pulled By ABC

Photo: EBONY

Last month, Black-ish fans were just about to see the series touch on the topic of today’s athletes kneeling during the national anthem as a way to protest. According to Variety, the reason why we never got to see the episode was due to creative differences between Kenya Barris and ABC. The episode “Please, Baby, Please” ended up touching on the current state of the country and other social issues.

As of now, the episode is not set to see the light of day. One of the things that has always made ‘Black-ish’ so special is how it deftly examines delicate social issues in a way that simultaneously entertains and educates,” an ABC spokesperson told Variety Friday. “However, on this episode there were creative differences we were unable to resolve.”…..  Shot in November and directed by Barris, “Please, Baby, Please” features Anthony Anderson’s patriarch Dre caring for his infant son on the night of an intense thunderstorm that keeps the whole household awake. Dre attempts to read the baby a bedtime story, but abandons that plan when the baby continues to cry. He instead improvises a bedtime story that, over the course of the episode, conveys many of Dre’s concerns about the current state of the country. The episode covers multiple political and social issues. In one scene, Dre and oldest son Junior (Marcus Scribner) argue over the rights of athletes to kneel during the performance of the national anthem at football games.