Brandon T. Jackson Coming To TV Alongside Craig Robinson

brandon t jackson

Brandon T. Jackson looks to make his official network TV debut in a upcoming NBC comedy alongside fellow comedian Craig Robinson. In the new series currently entitled ‘Mr. Robinson’, Jackson and Robinson are to play two aspiring musicians. In 2013 Jackson was expected to star in CBS’s attempt of a Beverly Hills Cop series whiuch later was passed. Yesterday as news got out Brandon shared the moment with fans. “Check out my new show co-starring with Craig Robinson on NBC!!, called MR Robinson!! God is good now you can check me out every week!!, for some laughs. So excited my first time on network tv, NBC here I come!!, he wrote on Instagram.

We hear that the new NBC show is slated for at least 10 episodes. According to our source, the show is about two guys (Robinson and Jackson) who are struggling musicians who are in a rock band called “Nasty Delicious,” as their career has been going nowhere fast for a decade. By day, Robinson has a gig that pays the bills; he’s a substitute Music teacher with the Chicago School District. We hear that the show will also star former Greek coed Spencer Grammer and Lenora Crichlow.


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