Brandon T. Jackson To Launch New Production Company, ‘Verily Creative’ With Producer Sinatra Osm

Brandon T. Jackson is getting ready to expand on his executive producing skills. Jackson recently showed his ability to executive produce with Oxygen series, Living With Funny in 2016. Word is now out that Jackson along with upcoming producer Sinatra Osm have partnered-up to begin filming a collection of Faith based films. Under the new partnership the two men will launch production company, Verily Creative.

In a recent talk with Comedy Hype, Jackson expressed his transition back into his faith based roots. The content he’s looking to produce with Osm will help further merge his position in entertainment with messages on faith he’s looking to share. As far Osm, from research he appears to be an all around creative, one who can lead behind the scenes as well as on camera.

According to a newly released press release the projects will be mostly filmed in Atlanta, GA. Here’s an expert below.

Verily Creative plans on filling the void within the Urban Black and Latino demographic by bringing a fresh perspective for the 18-35 year-old market. “We doubt people will call our films corny or preachy because they’re based on genuine experiences that our community face, and they offer real solutions to the problems we still struggle with,” Osm said. “Actors and executives read our scripts and don’t even see the faith-based through line in them. This indicates to us that we’re doing something right. It’s subtle and gently placed.”

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