Brandon T. Jackson To Launch ‘Black-Owned Coffee Shops’ Across The Nation

Photo: Brandon T. Jackson

This week, Starbucks has been under fire after a video went viral of two black men getting arrested in one of their Philadelphia locations. The video would reveal that the two men were asked to leave the location because they didn’t purchase anything while waiting for a friend to arrive.  Police would end up being called after the men refused to leave, and they would be arrested.

The incident has sparked more conversations on racial profiling and racism which Starbucks would publicly admit their wrongdoing. Amongst the response from those in the community is a push to “Boycott Starbucks” until certain policies are implemented to prevent the incident from happening again.

Now stepping to the plate is Brandon T. Jackson, who’s perfect timing looks to provide a solution to the conversation. Brandon exclusively tells Comedy Hype that he’s currently in talks to launch a black-owned coffee shop chain and has been working on it quietly since 2016. “We don’t have our own. We spend a lot of money in coffee shops. By the year 2020, coffee will be a $46.2 Billion industry,” Jackson shared when asked what motivated the venture. As far as details on the shops; we have to wait as things come together but can attest that actual mock-ups on the projects have been made all the way down to the cups.

According to Jackson, he and investors are looking to get things started in Atlanta, GA with plans to launch locations in cities across the country. Keep you posted as more is revealed.