Bresha Webb Joins The Cast Of Marlon Wayans’s ‘Marlon’

bresha webbMarlon Wayans is keeping things moving, following his return to the box office with film 50 Shades Of Black. Now he has his eyes set on newly announced Marlon project with NBC. Yesterday comedic actress Bresha Webb was revealed to star in the current pilot alongside Marlon, as his ex-wife’s best friend.

Bresha Webb is set for a lead role opposite Marlon Wayans in NBC comedy pilot Marlon, from Chris Moynihan. Loosely inspired by Marlon Wayan’s life, the show centers on an inappropriate but loving father (Wayans) committed to successfully co-parenting with his polar opposite ex-wife. Webb will play Yvette, Marlon’s worst enemy and his ex-wife’s best friend. She has always disliked Marlon and never held her tongue about it. While she is a trainwreck with absolutely zero love life, she is constantly spouting off advice for her best friend. Webb was most recently seen on NBC’s Truth Be Told and has a role in upcoming feature Meet The Blacks starring Mike Epps. She is repped by Greene & Associates Talent Agency and attorney Karl Austen.


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