Brett Ratner Confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’ And ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Are Expected

brett ratner

Director Brett Ratner has two major projects at his door step, one being Rush Hour 4 and the other being Beverly Hills Cop 4 with Eddie Murphy. During a panel discussion with National Geographic, Brett spoke on the two projects which he confirmed that they are expected to happen.

CBS is turning Rush Hour into a TV series; I’ve seen the pilot, which will debut as a mid-season 2016 entry. Detectives Lee and Carter, played by Jon Foo and Justin Hines, will have new adventures every week, but Ratner said the new series does not rule out a cinematic Rush Hour 4. “No, not at all,” Ratner said. “It has nothing to do with it. We’re always talking about it. We’ve just got to find the time between Chris Tucker, myself and Jackie.” Ratner also confirmed he is still attached to direct Beverly Hills Cop 4. That sequel, which was reinvigorated by a cancelled CBS pilot, is still back in rewrites. “Working on the script, working on the script,” Ratner said. “It’s a longer process. It’s not easy. A lot of pressure on that one.

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In separate occasions both Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have went on to also confirm Rush Hour 4 plans. As far as in Eddie returning for Beverly Hills Cop 4, he has went on to say his return depends on how well the script is.

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