Cardi B In Hot Water Over ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ Sketch, She Portrayed Coretta Scott King

Some time ago we hinted that rapper Cardi B had given a serious shot at comedy by featuring on Rip Michaels’s series ‘Off The Rip’. Now a sketch with Cardi from the series has surfaced and it has some people upset with the Bodak Yellow’ star. In the now released footage, you can see Cardi along with other women portraying what the skits calls ‘Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement’. Cardi features as a young Coretta Scott King who is confronted by the other housewives about Martin Luther King’s infidelities. Bernice King, the daughter of both Martin and Coretta, has spoken out in which she revealed that Cardi apologized over the sketch.

Michaels who wrote and directed the sketch has also defended the sketch, stating that he felt people missed the message.

Take a look for yourself, compliments of TMZ

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