Cardi B Should Seriously Give Comedy A Try   

Photo: ETOnline

This weekend, Saturday Night Live invited stars Chadwick Boseman and rapper Cardi B to kick off a new episode of the series. Boseman would serve as the nights host while Cardi provided several songs as the musical guest. With Boseman as the host, we didn’t get to see much of Cardi’s comedic ability but we definitely know it’s there.

Cardi became a household name due to her social media reach and overall impact as a personality. Though she’s considered a rapper, most people enjoy the things she has to say away from the hip-hop stage. If you watch closely, Cardi connects with her audience through a comedic language. In a recent talk with GQ, she would go on to say “I’m really a comedian at heart”.

In all honesty the road to stardom as a traditional satnd-up comedian has become a tougher journey recently, thanks to the internet. If a comedian wanted to become a household name by just doing stand-up performances alone, their odds would be similar to playing the slot machine in Las Vegas. With Cardi’s influence online she could easily start requesting her agent to book auditions for a few comedic roles. And she could probably land a few.

The one time that we would see Cardi show her comedic actress side in the latest SNL episode  was during a sketch called, ‘Aidy B & Cardi B’. In the sketch, SNL feature Aidy Bryant showcases her impression of Cardi amongst her cast. When the real Cardi would arrive on screen, Aidy found out that there’s only one Cardi. The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper would deliver with timing and facial expressions that could rival someone who had experience with comedic roles.

Lastly, one of the biggest things for a comedian to have is a likability factor. Likability is considered one of the pillars of being a star in comedy. For Cardi, she definitely does not lack in likability and it’s probably her biggest strength. Tiffany Haddish serves as a great example for Cardi as the two women share a similar expression. What Haddish has is the skill to fully express who she is and what she’s about without the usual filter. Not only is it entertaining to watch but it clearly has made many people feel that can relate to the ‘Girls Trip’ star and it goes for Cardi as well. So if Hollywood ever decides to remake ‘The Nanny’ made famous by actress Francine Drescher, give Cardi a call.