The Carmichael Show’s Mass Shooting Episode To Air This Wednesday

A few weeks ago Jerrod Carmichael voiced his concerns about an episode of his series being pulled due to two mass shootings taking place. At the time it was unclear wether NBC would re-air the show. Now according to reports; the mass-shooting episode will actually happen this week for The Carmichael Show’s Wednesday slot.

NBC has rescheduled the half-hour installment, titled “Shoot-up-able,” for Wednesday. The news comes a week and a half after the episode was pulled in the wake of the congressional baseball practice mass shooting, and after a second mass shooting, which left four dead, occurred in San Francisco. Both happened the same day that “Shoot-up-able” was set to debut. The episode follows Carmichael’s character after he survives a mass shooting. Although he fights against being coddled by his family and labeled a victim, things are made harder when he’s forced to tell a police officer exactly what he saw.


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