The Cast Of ‘Martin’ Reunite At Tommy Ford’s Funeral

tichina arnold, tisha campbell

It’s unfortunate that funerals have become a place where people tend to reunite but in that bittersweet moment we find some positive highlights. That was the case days ago when all the cast members of 1990’s Martin were under the same roof to pay respect to their former cast member, Tommy Ford. As it has been reported, Tommy passed a little over a week ago in Atlanta, GA. A picture (above) has now been circulating of Carl Payne, Tichina Arnold, and Tisha Campbell attending Ford’s funeral service. Unfortunately a picture of Martin Lawrence with his cast mates has not yet surfaced but Tichina Arnold made sure that people knew Martin was on hand to pay his last respects. Arnold went to share with her fans on Instagram while reflecting on the moment. Martin went off the air in May of 1997.

Today was not easy..but by the grace of God we all got through it. Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your Prayers, Positive thoughts and Support for us throughout the years. Tommy will be missed but most certainly never forgotten… And PLEASE don’t ask “Where’s Martin?..” he was there too…just not in this picture. Lol! God bless you all.. #LoveConquersAll #MartinShow

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