Cast Of ‘Girlfriends’ Want To Do A Movie Based On The Show, Jill Marie Jones Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’

During a new interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’, actress Jill Marie Jones of ‘Girlfriends’ would stop by with her newest cast members from the show ‘Monogamy’ on the Urban Movie Channel. ‘Girlfriends’ would end up becoming a pop culture favorite as it followed the life of 4 black women played by actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, and Jill Marie. Before they could even delve into the interview, host Charlamagne Tha God would immediately ask why haven’t fans been able to see a ‘Girlfriends movie’? Jones would then go on to reveal that she and her ‘Girlfriends’ castmates actually want to make a movie happen. “We all want to do it… I think it’s a timing thing… and also the legal stuff..,” she would express before answering Charlamagne’s next Girlfriend related questions. The interview would then open the floor to Jones’s cast of ‘Monogamy’ as they all discussed relationships and love. Are you down for a ‘Girlfriends’ flick?

Watch the interview below, Jones speaks on ‘Girlfriends movie’ in the opening secondsĀ