Jak Knight Tells Comedy Hype About His Netflix Debut, Thoughts On A Kanye West Presidency, Plus More

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Comedian Jak Knight is doing comedy his way and it’s paying off in his favor. Not only has Jak achieved things that some people could only dream of, like opening for Dave Chappelle and writing for Nick Kroll’s animated Netflix show, “Big Mouth”, but now Jak is making his Netflix debut. Today, Jak will make his debut as part of the stand-up series, The Comedy Lineup.  Comedy Hype caught up with Jak to chat about the debut, plus more!

CH: The Comedy Lineup premieres on Netflix, Tuesday, July 3rd — you’re one of the 8 performers that’s part of the lineup — What should we expect from your set?

JK: Just really smart pussy jokes. In comedy right now, it feels like everyone’s trying to feed you vegetables first. My objective is to feed you vegetables with candy. I grew up watching The Boondocks, so my whole life, I just wanted to be a grown-ass Riley. So basically what i’m saying is, my set what you’d get from a 24-year-old Riley Freeman.

CH: All comedians are influenced by comics of generations before them. Who influenced you or currently influences you?

JK: Of course I could name the obvious greats like Patrice O’Neal, Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle, but in all honesty, I’m influenced by my friends and the generation of comics who are coming up now. I love people like Jamar Neighbors, Ali Wong, Clayton Thomas and my good friend, Sam Jay. Honestly, I feel like I’m a mix between Sam Jay and Jamar Neighbors.

CH: You run a show called, “Tasteful” in LA at Milk Tavern, with fellow comic Langston Kerman. What prompted you guys to start this show?

JK: We just wanted to start a show that provided people with a taste of the talent in LA. We make sure we carefully pick the lineups so that we meet that goal. We’ll have someone like Lizzy Cooperman follow someone like Teddy Ray. Or a comic like Clayton English follows a comic like Taylor Tomlinson. We put a lot of effort into the lineups to make sure that the show’s lineups are diverse in talent and fun for our audience. And if that’s not enough, we also have alcohol-infused ice cream. [Laughs].

CH: You tweet a lot about music. Who does Jak Knight listen to when he’s getting pumped up for a show?

JK: Honestly, I’m the opposite; I like to be chill before a show. I like to go into it on zero and build the energy up to one hundred. I’ve been listening to Noname, Saba, J.I.D. and a lot of Pusha T and Frank Ocean. I like to keep it chill. I can’t be on level 2000, cause then I’ve already exerted my energy.


CH: So no DMX?

JK: [Laughs] Yeah, no DMX.

CH: Speaking of music, you’re a big Kanye fan. How’d you feel about all of the “Kanye supports Trump” controversy? 

JK: If you’re a grown-ass man who listens to Kanye for political views, you’re a fucking idiot. You’re a clown. I actually have a joke about this. Look, if you’re big Kanye fan, you know that Kanye has never been good at saying words. Kanye has good ideas, it just comes out of his mouth as trash. Kanye only speaks in 808’s and samples [Laughs].

CH: Kanye has expressed his intentions to run for President when Trump’s term is over — are you fucking with that or nah? What would a Kanye presidency be like?

JK: He’s not doing that. Kanye knows exactly what to say to get his album sales up. Everything is calculated. It’s all one big game. Don’t fall for it.

CH: Okay Jak, let’s switch up the pace here. When I say these words, what comes to mind? Starting with Seattle.

JK: Jimi Hendrix.

CH: Rapper Lil Baby

JK: [Makes baby sounds] Wah-Wah-Wah!

CH: Drake.

JK: Emotionally well-rounded.

CH: You make your Netflix debut on ‘The Comedy Lineup’ on Tuesday, July 3rd. What else is coming up for you? 

JK:  Aside from ‘The Comedy Lineup’, I have a few things going on. Saturday, July 6th, Comedy Central is premiering my fun show, “Playlist”. Season 2 of the show I write for, “Big Mouth” premieres in September. And honestly, my next goal is getting a full Netflix special.

Checkout Jak Knight on Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup” on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Comicville’s Mista Cee Shares Stories On Coming Up With Tracy Morgan, Mo’Nique, And Michael Blackson

Comicville is hoping to introduce audiences to the next wave of comedians. The comedy series produced by veteran comedian, Mista Cee, is working hard to become a platform that can be this generation’s Comic View or Def Comedy Jam. In a recent interview with Mista Cee outside of his Comicville show (Hosted by Lavar Walker every Thursday Night) in Atlanta, GA., the comedian/producer would lightly give his background in coming up with the likes of Tracy Morgan, Mo’Nique, and Michael Blackson.

Comedy Hype Exclusive – Katt Williams To Feature In Atlanta FX Season 2: Talks Netflix Special “Great America” And Reprising His Role In “Last Friday”

Photo: Netflix

Katt Williams holds the title as one of the most legendary, iconic, stand-up comedians to ever pick up a microphone. Katt’s first breakout role was Friday After Next — the 3rd installment in Ice Cube’s Friday film franchise, where Katt took on the role of the unforgettable, ultra-quotable character, Money Mike — a witty, stylish and straightforward fashion boutique owner, who also moonlights as a pimp. Recently, Katt Williams had a standout role in the film, Father Figures,  alongside Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. But this is just the beginning of what Katt Williams plans to contribute to the comedy world in the near-future. Katt recently released a brand new stand up special via Netflix, titled, “Great America” & even shared that we could look out for him on a new season of Atlanta FX with Donald Glover.  Comedy Hype caught up with Katt Williams to get the inside scoop on “Great America”, plus more!

This interview has been lightly-edited for length purposes. 

CH:  As of today, your brand new special, “Great America” is available on Netflix. This is big news for comedy fans. In every one of your specials, you deliver your signature brand of comedy, but they all have a different take. What can your fans expect from your new special, “Great America”?

KW: Well, the fans are the ones that make those decisions. As comedians, all we have control of is the content that we choose to release. But once it’s released, it’s up to the fans on how they choose to let the material resonate with them.

CH: This special was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. Anyone who isn’t from Jacksonville is probably wondering, “Why Jacksonville?”, but within the special, you talk about why Jacksonville is an incredible city. What made you choose the location for the special?

KW: There’s a lot of great cities that people overlook. Jacksonville happens to be one of those cities. Of course, the people of Jacksonville know how incredible their city is, but a lot of outsiders don’t know. It is always my endeavor to shine a light on places like that. The people of Jacksonville and the city itself, are both quite marvelous.

CH: Aside from your specials always packing the punches in funniness, one thing that also continues to stand out, is your overall presentation; everything from your stage designs to the outfits that you choose, it all seems to match the tone of the material. Your new special, “Great America”, is no different; in correlation with the title, the stage is designed like a political office. Essentially, every special of yours feels like a well-crafted package.

KW: What you’re noticing is that I actually care. I care about how things are being presented. We all know that comedy could be done on a dusty stage with a stool and the material would still hold up. But I’m trying to impress the people who bought tickets and came to see an actual show. My aim is to give my audience the greatest experience, each time they see me. So my material, my stage design, my opening acts, it all has to be top-notch. It’s my way of showing my audience the upper-most level of respect because they’ve continuously supported me throughout my career. When people show you this much love, it is your obligation as an artist, to go in like LeBron and drop 50.

CH: Your stand up is always truthful, but those nuggets of truth are always accompanied by a balance of exuberance and a sense of facetiousness — one example would be your incredible act-outs. Is there always a conscious decision to implement a bit of ludicrousness in the material, so that the truth doesn’t sting so bad?

Photo: Netflix

KW: Comedy is like a recipe. Yes, salt is an ingredient in your recipe, but if you over-salt the recipe, you’ve lost everything. I definitely talk about the very deep and dark things that aren’t easily discussed, but by the same token, I will implement something as silly a sex joke. It’s about balance. You can’t have too much of one thing.

CH: You just had an amazing part in the film, Father Figures, where you played alongside Owen Wilson and Ed Helms — are there plans to do more film and TV?

KW: I’m always looking for more film and TV opportunities. More specifically, opportunities that will allow me to tackle the kinds of roles that I’ve yet to tackle. I always want challenge myself to bring something unique to whatever project that I agree to be a part of. As of right now, I’m three projects deep into 2018; I’m filming a movie titled, Two Minutes of Fame with Lionsgate, I’m working on Meet The Blacks 2 with Warner Bros and I’ve also been working on the FX sitcom, Atlanta. So yes, you can definitely expect more upcoming film and TV appearances from me.

CH: Speaking of film, we have to ask for the comedy culture; Are you interested in reprising your role in the Friday film franchise, as your notable character, Money Mike?

KW: Well, I’m not the holdup on that project, I think we’re all just waiting on Smokey to come back and then we’re ready to roll [Laughs]. It’s just a blessing to be part of a project that audiences want to see the continuation of. Ice Cube is a perfectionist who works hard on delivering quality content, so whenever he’s ready to begin production on the next film in the franchise, I’ll be ready.

CH: It’s pretty much unanimous that Money Mike had the most quotable and most memorable lines in Friday After Next.

KW: That’s my goal with any role that I take; I don’t care how big or small the role is, I just want to make sure that my characters are memorable and fun to watch.

CH: Your new special, “Great America” is out right now on Netflix. Aside, from the new special, is there anything else that your fans should be anticipating?

KW: I have three big surprises coming up and they’re all happening in 2018. Those things will be rolled out throughout the year. I’m really focused and committed on working hard to deliver top-notch content.

Katt Williams’ “Great America” is available now on Netflix.

Bresha Webb Tells Comedy Hype How Her Former Theater School May Have Helped Tupac Become A Great Rapper

Baltimore’s School Of The Arts has an amazing roster of alumni, and on that list you will see Bresha Webb. Recently Comedy Hype had the chance to stop by the set of Meet The Blacks 2 (The House Next Door) to catch up with some of the cast in the upcoming comedy. While on set, we caught up with the very busy Webb, who returns for the film’s sequel.

Busy could be considered an understatement, as Bresha has been working on several other sets that include NBC’s Marlon, and Kevin Hart’s Night School. She is putting in work! With Tupac being a former student of Bresha’s theater school, we had to ask if she heard any legendary stories about Tupac being at Baltimore’s School Of The Arts? Webb would go on to hint that Tupac was probably performing Shakespeare quotes before shouting, “Thug Life.”

“Brenda’s Got A Baby is a full monologue… that’s some artwork!”, Webb shared toward the end of the interview. Meet The Blacks 2: The Hidden House is expected to release next year. Check out Bresha discuss her Love for Tiffany Haddish.

Judah Friedlander Tells Comedy Hype What He Would Do As President, Talks New Netflix Special

Photo: Elite Daily

Comedian Judah Friedlander has always been the kind of comedian that tackles the real issues of the world. The issues that affect us all. Even Judah’s 30 Rock character, Frank Rossitano, was a prime example of that. In the special, Judah gives his take on the vital issues at hand. Comedy Hype caught up with the World Champ, Judah Friedlander, to chat about his new special, plus more!

CH: Your new special, “America Is The Greatest Country In The United States” is now on Netflix. What can your fans expect from your new stand up material?

JF: In this special, I’m addressing the matters that affect us as human beings; racism, sexism, fascism, healthcare, climate change, mass incarceration, war, materialism — pretty much the things that affect us as a society.  I’ve always been passionate about human rights issues, but I never try to do things in a preachy manner, my standpoint is always in an observational manner. I don’t like telling people what to think, my goal is prompting people to start thinking in the first place, and then they can start thinking for themselves.

CH: The title of your special is very interesting. What’s the origin of the title?

JF: It stems from a bit I have, where i’m basically hyping up America, but also criticizing America at the same time. About 7 or 8 years ago, I started traveling to other countries for shows, and it allowed me to see my own country a little bit better. It’s kind of like when you’re in a bad relationship with someone and the people around you are like, “Why are you dating that person? They’re an asshole to you.” And then a couple years after you breakup, you reflect back on it like, “Yeah, why the fuck was I with that person?”. Initially, I thought that when I started traveling, I would learn more about other countries, but turns out, I learned more about America. 

CH: Your new special has a raw and intimate feel. The special is even shot in black & white, which is about as raw as it gets for film aesthetics. The special really embodies what New York City comedy feels like. Also, you chose the legendary comedy club, The Comedy Cellar, to shoot this special — is there a reason you chose this shooting style and is there a reason you picked this specific location?

JF: The way this special is filmed, it’s almost an anti-special. Usually, specials are elaborate productions with bright lights and big sounds; I wanted to go the opposite way. I wanted to make this special feel as honest and raw as possible. I do stand as a very simple art form, so I wanted my special to reflect that. As far as choosing The Comedy Cellar for the location, it’s the club I work at the most. I’ve been working at The Comedy Cellar on a regular basis, since the early-90’s. So, the thought was to just film this special on a regular night where I’m working at The Comedy Cellar. I wanted a no frills, no bullshit approach to making this special.

CH: Currently, America needs some work. It’s not in a great spot. But it sounds like you have some awesome observations and ideas for improvements. Would you ever run for President? And if you were elected for President of the United States, what’s the very first thing you’d do?

Good question. I talk about my presidential platform in the new special. I’ve also been an outsider and an advocate for rebellion. So if I did run for President, I wouldn’t pick a side. I think I’d be more effective as an outsider. And if I did get elected, the first thing I’d do is open up the White House. I wouldn’t even live there, I’d make the White House for the people. Whether you want to just hangout there, or you’re looking for a place to crash, it’s yours. Who knows, maybe I’d turn it into the world’s largest roller skating rink. If I’m the President, the White House is for the people. Also, I’d do the same thing to the U.S. Capitol Building.

CH: If you had a conversation with Donald Trump, what are 3 things would you say to him?

JF: First of all, I would let him know who the superior athlete is; I would challenge him to any sport and whatever sport he picked, I would humiliate him. I’d let him know who’s #1. Next, I would never make eye contact, because he doesn’t deserve even the minimal amount of respect. And lastly, I would tell him to pack his bags and get the fuck out of here.

CH: So, your new special, “America Is The Greatest Country In The United States” is now available on Netflix. Is there anything else that Judah Friedlander fans should be looking out for?

JF: You can always catch me doing stand up, whether it’s on the road or back in New York. I also have a project that I’m currently doing on Instagram. The project is titled,”Activist Barbie” — it’s centered around human issues. I go to a lot of protests, no matter what the cause is, because I believe that in order for things to change, we all have to start speaking up for each other. Nothing’s going to change if only black people are marching for Black Lives Matter, or only gay people are marching for Gay Rights or if only women are marching for Women’s Rights. We all have to speak up for each other. So, I take Activist Barbie to protests with different signs and different shirts. Some of the signs and shirts are serious and some of them are funny. Either way, the aim is to always provoke thoughts. So, you can follow the journey of Activist Barbie on Instagram.

Judah Friedlander’s new special, “America Is The Greatest Country In The United States” is available now on Netflix.


Jay Ellis Says ‘Insecure’ Fans Cuss Him Out Over Lawrence Role, He Responds: “Lawrence Didn’t Cheat”

For an interview over at Hot 97; actor Jay Ellis sat down with Ebro In The Morning to discuss his role as Lawrence on Insecure and even his personal life. For many people who watch the show, there appears to be a split on Lawrence’s decisions. One decision that many debate is “should Lawrence get back with Issa”? Jay Ellis went on to share why he thinks fans can’t be mad at his character. Watch the full interview below.

“I get cussed out a lot…. I find it interesting that people get so upset with Lawrence because Lawrence didn’t cheat. What Lawrence did with Tasha was out of the relationship. He moved on. Wether it was right for Lawrence or not, that’s Lawrence’s issue.”

Aries Spears Admits He’s “Kept It Too Real” In His Career And Gives Comedy Advice, Stops By POWER 106

Aries Spears was back on the west coast and made stop by POWER 106’s Cruz Show to give a ver honest interview of what he’s been up to. In their talk, Aries went on to speak about what it takes to make it in comedy, his own mistakes, peers in comedy, and mush more. Aries also wasn’t afraid to address his run-in at The 5150 Show in which he admits he had to stay off Twitter because of it.

Lil Duval Makes First Visit To HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning: Reveals He Was In Early Talks To Be On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Yesterday Lil Duval has his first ever sit-down with Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97. Duval is in town to headline several shows in NYC at Carolines Comedy Club. In his talk with the Hot 97 host, he ended up revealing why radio may be the last thing we see him do. According to him, he was actually in the running to be on the cast of The Breakfast Club when the show was just coming together. Other things discussed include his use of social media, today’s comedians, and traveling the world.

Lopez’s Maronzio Vance Stops By ‘The Ignant Agenda’: “You Have To Create Victories For Yourself”

A second season of LOPEZ is underway over at TV Land on Wednesday nights at 10:30PM ET which we’ll see Maronzio Vance star alongside George Lopez. The series as previously shared; follows the life of George Lopez as he looks to make a few career moves in Hollywood. As a new guest on The Ignant Agenda; Maronzio talked with host Nick about his career path, online comedic acts, influencers and even touched on his podcast, Just Killing Time. Towards the end of their interview; Vance took a moment to highlight some advice he thinks any young comedian should know coming in to the business. (At the 37:00 mark)

I’ll be honest….struggle builds character… but you also have to create victories for yourself… you can’t wait for someone give you a victory. You can’t wait for someone to validate you…. You can’t wait for someone to tell you who you are….


If you are familiar with Vance’s comedy you will know that he is armed with truth from his perspective. This nearly 1 hour conversation goes on to capture just that. Take a moment to hear what he’s been up to and how things are going for him now with the recent success.

You can listen to the full conversation below, Maronzio Vance On The Ignant Agenda