Cedric The Entertainer Defends Steve Harvey Over Trump Meeting

The internet was in a uproar the other day when veteran comedian Steve Harvey went to NYC to speak with our upcoming president Donald Trump. Most of the backlash came directly from the black community who has been supporters of Steve since the early beginnings. The issue for many stems for Trump’s behavior during the campaign trail and members of his team who’ve made some questionable remarks. While DL Hughley wasn’t a fan of the situation another King Of Comedy; Cedric The Entertainer ended up taking to his social media to defend Harvey.

Cedric’s statement went on to point out his relationship with Steve and his overall character. Read it below.

I’ll say this Friendship and Loyalty aren’t blind, nor should it be fleeting. #Steve and I have been friends and business partners close to 25years. I’m sure his Motives are pure, Donald Trumps overall divisiveness has lead to a world where even a discussion w/ him cast shade on your character. I get the adverse feelings ppl had to Steve calling him a good guy but the motivation to go and attempt positive change at the source I get, that chance has to be taken. He’s not a politician so take all that…. and trust that Steve will do what he has done consistently since I’ve met him. Provide jobs, motivate others, love his community, teach, help others and in the course make us laugh while we learn build together.

Is Steve’s meeting with Trump causing problems amongst the Kings Of Comedy? 

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