Cedric The Entertainer’s Barber Battle Series To Premiere On The CW In April

cedric the entertainer

We finally get to hear when Cedric The Entertainers talked about series Barber Star premieres on The CW. The show which features a line-up of barbers competing for a grand prize will be premiering April 10th.

That same night, The CW will debut its new reality competition series Cedric’s Barber Battle (8:00-8:30pm ET), hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, followed by a brand new season of the hit improv comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway? (8:30-9:00pm ET). The new series Cedric’s Barber Battle sets out to capture the culture that exists in barbering communities across the country. Each week, the show will visit different barbershops in cities, including Los Angeles, Queens, Harlem and Austin, where the best barbers will go head-to-head in a hilariously unfiltered, no-holds-barred arena. Creating hair sculptures that feature elaborate designs ranging from images of a person’s face to grand cityscapes, the barbers will use nothing more than their clippers and a few coloring tools to create intricate works of art that are both imaginative and location-centric.


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