Cedric The Entertainer Defends Role In Barbershop And Talks ‘Barbershop 3’

cedric the entertainer

Last week Dick Gregory was caught sharing his disapproval for Cedric The Entertainer’s scene in the first Barbershop film, in which Cedric’s character Eddie goes on to make jokes about Civil Rights icons Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. In a new interview with ABC radio, Cedric commented on some of the backlash the comedy may have received by pointing out the reality they look to make the film. In the same conversation he later shared a little insight on what to expect in the upcoming Barbershop 3. Read some of the excerpts, below.

On Barbershop Backlash

I’m so free as that character (Eddie). It’s one of those characters that you can have stuff on the paper or you can just bring up any subject matter… and…whatevers going to come out, going to come out! You kind of put people on a pedestal and take the man out, and what we we’re doing in the barbershop is saying the conversation that happens in a real live space where people have dissenting opinions sometimes.

What To Expect In Barbershop 3 And Nicki Minaj’s Character

I’ve just gotten a little older and a little grayer. [I’m ] still [a] grouchy old man and have a lot to say about everything that’s going on. The afro has come down a little bit. With the age, you don’t get the same length. Nicki (Minaj) played a character true to her rap personality in the sense that she is unapologetic about her sexuality. She is a ‘get money girl’ and so she’s the girl that does the really expensive weaves and she balls! The shop has now opened up and so we have to work with her and see her come in with her tight-fitting clothes and I wasn’t complaining.

Barbershop 3 has been given a release date for ‘April 15, 2016. Just jokes?


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