Cedric The Entertainer & Tichina Arnold To Play Husband And Wife On ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’ Pilot

Cedric The Entertainer is keeping busy as he has just been announced to join newest pilot at CBS, ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’. Along with Cedric, Tichnia Arnold has also been confirmed to join the cast as the two will play husband and wife. The project which will star Josh Lawson as a kind mid-westerner is set to take place in Los Angeles. According to Deadline, Cedric and Arnold will play Lawson’s neighbors in the pilot.

Lawson’s Dave is the most polite Midwestern guy you’ll ever meet who works as a conflict resolution expert, a job that calls for a friendly nature, and excellent diplomatic skills. He and his wife and son have moved from Michigan to live in their dream home, a vintage Craftsman house, in Pasadena.He realizes when they arrive that connecting with their new community is a more complex and delicate endeavor than he expected.Arnold will play Loretta, Calvin’s (Cedric the Entertainer) wife. She’s the mother of Malcolm and Marty, and is very devoted to her faith. She judges the newcomers to her neighborhood by their knowledge of Scripture (nonexistent) and their Sunday service attendance record (shockingly poor!). In addition to Cedric, Lawson and Arnold join previously cast Christian Camargo, Sheaun McKinney and Marcel Spears. Reynolds executive produces with Kapital’s Kaplan and Dana Honor as well as Kapital-based producer Wendi Trilling via her TrillTV and Cedric and Eric Rhone of A Bird And A Bear Entertainment.

What does this mean for a potential Martin reboot?

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