CH Exclusive: DC Young Fly Says He’s Working On Chris Tucker Jokes

In a candid conversation while riding shotgun in the city of Atlanta, native to the city, DC Young Fly spoke on his latest run in comedy. He went on to explain his new love for stand-up, his process in finding new material, and dealing with his new found fame. In one part of the talk, DC even addressed comparissons to Chris Tucker in which he revealed plans to make Tucker apart of his stage routine. “Now I’m about to put a Chris Tucker act in my set… everybody keeps telling me I act like Chris, but what if he’s my dad!? (Laughs).” Ever since DC first came on the scene, people have compared him to Tucker which went on to impersonate this past season of MTV2’s Wild N Out. We expect to see more from him when the show returns for it’s 8th season.

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