Channing Dungey Says ABC Was Hoping Roseanne’s Controversial Behavior Was In The Past

Today, ABC’s Channing Dungey has shared some new comments about the firing of Roseanne Barr. You should know by now that Barr was fired at ABC and her show was canceled following a racist Tweet she messaged about Valerie Jarrett. While at this year’s TCA press event, Dungey would lightly speak on Roseanne’s involvement with the network. Dungey would reveal that Roseanne’s past behavior was something they addressed early on and hoped that Barr’s reboot would represent a clean slate.

V: There was a lot of pretty vile stuff in Roseanne’s Twitter going back several years. Had you not considered that something like what happened with the Valerie Jarrett tweet could happen, given that history?

We spoke with Roseanne and the producers at the beginning about her past history with the understanding that she came into this with a desire to share some very important stories, to shine a light on a part of the country that hadn’t had a spotlight on it in a while, and she was very much saying that she was aware of her behavior in the past and was very much looking forward to starting with a clean slate here. I am a believer in second chances and we all felt like we were going to put our best foot forward and hope for a good result. And it did not end up that way.


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