A Chappelle Show Reboot Most Likely Won’t Happen, According To Neal Brennan

As you can recall Neal Brennan is back in the spotlight as he prepares for newest Netflix special, 3 Mics. In a interview with The Daily Beast, Neal talked about the concept for the special and for all us Chappelle fans gave some insight on the return of Dave. One thing that stood out for us is that he mentioned that a Chappelle Show reboot was most likely never happening. Check out an expert from his talk.

You mentioned Dave Chappelle, and I want to know from you what it’s been like to watch his return back into the public eye that he’s had over this past year, whether it’s hosting SNL or playing games with first lady Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon’s show?

I’m happy for him. You know, I worked on SNL with him and I’ve always been an advocate for like, dude, you’ve got to get out and let it rip. There’s truly no bigger Dave Chappelle fan than me. I think a world in which Dave is a voice—he’s a really great addition to the culture. He’s a hilarious guy and a one-in-a-billion comedian.

There was definitely a hunger for him to return around when he hosted SNL, especially since it was right after the election.

Yeah, it was that week, and what was funny was when he came out for his monologue I was watching the monitor with Chris Rock and Dave gets a standing ovation. Rock goes, “Been here 30 years, never seen that.” We shot that Walking Dead sketch in the same studio where we shot all the sketches for Chappelle’s Show and it was like no time had passed. It was like it might as well have been the next day. It was the same exact feeling, the same exact level of exhaustion, the same exact level of bickering. It was an identical experience.

Well, I’m sure the fans of Chappelle’s Show would be more into the revival than you guys are, but that’s probably how it always is.

Yeah. I would say, like, if there was a desperate need for money, it would be likely. But you saw the deal Dave made with Netflix? I think money is good. It’s funny, he turned down $50 million, but it all came back around, didn’t it?

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