Chappelle’s Show Reunion With Mos Def Happens In London

donnell rawlings

Though Dave Chappelle is not in the U.S., he’s still managing to meet up with friends while in London. Venus Williams, De La Soul, and Naiomi Campbell have all in some form of fashion joined Dave during his european trip. Last night was no different when a Chappelle’s Show reunion took place involving past guest and friend, Mos Def. In a picture shared online that also featured Donnell Rawlings, the three Chappelle’s Show affiliates stood side by side backstage documenting the moment. If you can recall, Mos Def appeared in several rememberable sketches on the Comedy Central series along with musical performances. This was a first time in a while that all three have been seen publicly together, the only person missing was Charlie Murphy.

Check out Mos’s previous performance on Chappelle’s Show while riding through NYC traffic.

“It’s no need for all that, It’s all good” – Mos Def

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