Charges Dropped Against Dave Chappelle’s Banana Attacker

A testimony from Dave Chappelle may be hard to come by. Earlier in March, Chappelle accused Christian Englander of throwing a banana peel at him during a performance but it seems he no longer want to take things further. The charges that were against Englander have now been dropped due to Dave no wanting to testify in court. WRAL details the news.

Charges have been tossed in the case of a man accused of throwing a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a performance in New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal reported Friday that prosecutors dismissed misdemeanor battery and disturbing the peace charges against 31-year-old Christian Englander after Chappelle was unresponsive to requests for testimony. The comedian had said the March incident in Santa Fe was a racist act. Englander, however, said he threw the banana peel because Chappelle was making jokes about his friend. Assistant District Attorney Anastasia Martin wrote in her notice of dismissal that a conviction was unlikely without Chappelle’s testimony.

Plead the Fif?

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