Charlie Murphy Talks Reuniting With Dave Chappelle: “I Don’t Like To Lean On Other People”

charlie murphy

It’s been some time since we last seen Charlie Murphy side by side with Dave Chappelle. The two did get together last year when Chappelle headlined Radio City Music Hall in New York, but have not collaborated on anything since their days on The Chappelle Show. Charlie’s involvement with Chappelle’s Comedy Central series has been considered a classic amongst fans. As of recent, both he and Chappelle have been on the road touring which have many wanting to know if the two will soon work together again. In a recent interview with AXS, Charlie commented on working with Chappelle and even his brother Eddie by suggesting that he’s fine doing his own thing.

For fans wondering if Murphy will ever team up with Dave Chappelle or Eddie again, Murphy said “the door is always open” to future collaborations, though that’s more on them than him. “I’ve done plenty with both of them over the years,” he said. “I don’t like to lean on other people—I do things for myself. If I just sat around and waited for others, nothing would ever get done.”

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