‘Cheech And Chong Day’ Becomes An Official Day

Comedy pioneers Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong are officially in the history books of West Hollywood, CA. Yesterday with the help of George Lopez and the people of West Hollywood, Cheech & Chong Day became official. For those unaware, nearly 40 years ago the comedians would shake Hollywood up when they premiered their film, ‘Up In Smoke’. At the time of the film’s release, weed refrences was considered a taboo topic to discuss so boldly in entertainemnt. Long overdue.

Not only were Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong honored with a day named after them, the comedians were given a key to the city by West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman and Mayor Pro Tempore John Duran. Comedian George Lopez emceed the ceremony. The comedians thanked “Up in Smoke” director Lou Adler for believing in the duo’s talent and standing by them. “‘Up in Smoke’ wouldn’t have done anything if it wasn’t for Lou’s ability to take a small project and make it bigger – big as life, is what it is,” Chong said. “‘Up in Smoke’ would have been a local hit, maybe, but Lou had to put it in the right places, like in Cannes Film Festival, he got it over there somehow, and he introduced our crazy humor to the world through our records and through ‘Up in Smoke.'”