Chicago & Atlanta Top List For Funniest Comedy Cities


According to a team of researchers at the University of Colorado, Chicago AKA The home of Bernie Mac, Hannibal Buress, Lil Rel, DeRay Davis, Lavar Walker (pictured above), Deon Cole, Rodney Perry and coutnless others is the funniest city in America. Along with Atlanta which ranked at number 3, the two heavily influenced urban comedy towns ranked high on the list of 50 cities. Check out the 10 funniest cities below according to the new study.

5. Portland, Ore.
6.New York City
7.Los Angeles
9.San Francisco

When residents in what was determined to be the nation’s funniest city — Chicago — were surveyed about their favorite joke, they couldn’t think of a single one. Still, Peter McGraw, the University of Colorado professor who compiled the rankings and, with Joel Warner, just released a book, “The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny,” insisted that the findings were no joke. “Chicago and Boston made sense,” he said. “Atlanta and Washington were surprisingly high, New York and Los Angeles were a little bit low. “We’re nerds,” he said. “We spent hours tossing about what are the right attributes to include in the humor algorithm. I think the fun part for readers will be debating whether we got it right.” The first challenge was defining funny. Everyone has a favorite formula. Mr. McGraw’s pet principle is the “benign violation theory,” which holds that humor occurs in situations like play fighting and tickling “because they are physically threatening but harmless attacks.” Humor, he offers, manifests itself in a three-pronged psychological response: an emotional one (being amused), a cognitive judgment (finding something funny) and a behavioral reaction (laughing).His findings were drawn from surveys of residents (on the prevalence of humor in their daily lives) and of comedians, number of visits to comedy websites, tweets, radio stations, comedy clubs per square mile and native-born comedians per capita.

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