Chris Distefano Talks With Comedy Hype About Newest Comedy Central Special And Upcoming Animated Series

Comedian Chris Distefano first made his way on to your radar as a fan-favorite on MTV’s “Guy Code”. Now, Chris is on his way to becoming one of your favorite stand up comedians and content creators. Chris is now ready to get more people familiar with his name as he has premiered his one-hour special, “Size 38 Waist” on Comedy Central. Comedy Hype caught up with Chris to talk about “Size 38 Waist”, his overall deal with Comedy Central, plus more!

CH: Your brand new one-hour special, “Size 38 Waist” is now out. Every comedy special has an intended target. What was your goal with this special?

CD: First of all, I’m really happy to be partnering with Comedy Central. I just feel like Comedy Central has more of a vetting process when it comes to putting out comedy specials, so I’m really happy to be part of a special club of comedians who were chosen to release specials on Comedy Central. In “Size 38 Waist”, I’m really just hoping to have people understand where I’m coming from and hear my point of view.

CH: How did you choose the hilarious title, “Size 38 Waist” for your special?

CD: Every special that I do, I’m just going to name it the pants size that I am at the time of the special [Laughs]. Being a size 38 sucks, because size 38 is the cutoff for buying pants. Guys who wear a size 36 and under, don’t know how good they have it. I’m representing for guys size 38 and over like me.

CH: You’re a native New Yorker, which this makes your comedy much funnier and more relatable, because New York is the realest place on earth. How did growing up in New York shape you as a person, and as a stand-up comic?

CD: I always aim to be someone who is relatable and honest. I want you to say, “I feel like I can sit down at the bar and talk to this guy.” My favorite comics are people like Chris Rock and Bill Burr, who don’t necessarily have super jokey-jokes, they’re just saying things in a funny way while giving their honest points of view.

CH: You also have some really exciting TV projects with Comedy Central. The show “Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano” is a fun show where you have guests on and answer stupid questions with them. Actor Justin Long was recently on one of the hilarious episodes. Who are some of your dream guests for “Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano”?

CD: I want to have so many people on the show, but to name a few, I’d say Kevin Hart, The Rock, Daniel Tosh, Chris Rock, Bill Burr and Michael Rapaport. It would have a blast.

CH: You recently signed an overall deal with Comedy Central — what upcoming projects do you have in the works with the network?

CD: I have a couple projects in the works that we’re developing, but the project that I’m most excited about is the animation series. The cartoon series centers around my relationship with my dad. I think it’s going to be a really special show and I’m hoping to have it premiere in the Summer of 2019.

CH: Your brand new comedy special, “Size 38 Waist” premieres on Comedy Central, tonight at 11pm — Where else can fans catch you?

CD: I have a lot of tour dates coming up, so you can check those dates out on my website, ChrisDComedy.Com. And as you mentioned, my special is out on Comedy Central. Hopefully people watch it and really like it.

Check out Chris Distefano’s “Size 38 Waist” on Comedy Central.

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