Chris Kattan Shares To Comedy Hype That He’s Interested To Reunite With Will Ferrell, Talks New Film ‘How To Get Girls’

SNL has become a ‘Justice League for comedy’ of sorts as the television series has introduced us to a line-up of comedy greats. Chris Kattan would join the sketch comedy series in 1996 to deliver a collection of classic impersonations and sketches. In 1998, Kattan alongside his co-star Will Ferrell would even take one of their popular SNL sketches to theaters, ‘A Night At The Roxbury’.

Fast forward to now, Kattan is still very much using his ability to get us laughing. The comedy veteran’s newest film, ‘HOW TO GET GIRLS’ is set to be released today (August 13th). In the film, Kattan plays a hot-tempered dad to a young man who hopes to establish his dating life. We would ask Kattan about stepping into the role, and of course we had to see how he felt about the idea of stopping back by the ‘Roxbury’ one more time.

CH: In the film ‘How To Get Girls’, you are playing someone’s dad. Did you pull from your own personal experiences with your dad for this role?

CK: Probably not, my dad was not a hot-head and the role I play is very much a hot-head. [Laughs] …. It was written that way… but they also chose me to do the character. I they think assumed and I would assume that I could play with that character. Being a comedian that’s what your going to do, your going to exaggerate in the funny direction.

CH: Do you remember the advice your parents gave you when it came to dating?

CK: I think they wanted me to know how to have sex properly, instead of having a terrible experience…[Laughs] I think they wished for that, I don’t know if they ever made that happen. That would have been really strange. [Laughs]

CH: Now we can’t ignore your resume over at Saturday Night Live. Looking back, was there any regret you have or something you wished you did during your time there?

CK: I quit on my own… but sometimes I think maybe I should have stayed another year, that’s really it. I had an amazing time. It was the time of my life. I don’t think I regret anything really, it was perfect.

CH: A Night At The Roxbury Sequel, Yes Or No?

CK: I don’t know, it’s up in the air. It would depend on the script and the idea of the story. Working with Will would be fantastic.

CH: You also shared the screen with Eddie Griffin, And Dave Chappelle for ‘Undercover Brother’. What was the energy like with being on that set?

CK: That was one of my favorite roles. I think that people like Chappelle and Eddie Griffin have such a great way to play comedy and have fun with the characters. That’s what was important on set there. That’s one of my favorite ways to do a character. That allowed me to have a great time. And if you have a great time with your character, then that’s the best thing you can probably do.

CH: Outside of Improv comedy, you do stand-up as well. Did you start off with doing stand-up?

CK: I started with Improv.. I started at the Groundlings….It was part of the training there. It was something that was required in the classes. Improvisation is one of the main skills you need to learn to write and create.

CH: Lastly, What’s something we should look out from you following ‘How To Get Girls’?

CK: There’s a ‘Tales From The  Crypt’ movie, I wrote a book called ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’ that would be coming out next summer. I’m working a lot now, I do a lot of stand-up… but I have second part of my life that I can’t wait to do. All of the things are being lined up for that to happen.



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