Chris Rock And Tracy Morgan Share The Stage In NYC: “I Was Like Kevin Hart For Four Years” – Rock


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Last night at The Comedy Cellar in NYC, Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan gave fans a night to remember. The two veteran comedians ended up on the same stage together to talk about all of their latest. Tracy had some new material about his accident, and Rock even tested the water out with jokes on his recent divorce.

Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan took the stage Wednesday night at New York’s famed Comedy Cellar for surprise standup sets. After two warmup acts, Morgan popped up unexpectedly. The comedian, who was nearly killed in a 2014 crash involving a Walmart truck, didn’t wait long to address the accident. “I still shop at Walmart … they have the best prices,” Morgan quipped. He went on to joke that his family and friends are constantly asking him to pay for things like funerals, and that he’s going to have to get hit by another Walmart truck to pay for it all. Rock followed to the roar of the room. It took several minutes for the audience to settle before Rock kicked it off by talking about his divorce. Rock, 51, joked his ex, Malaak Comton-Rock, is taking him to the cleaners. He said he’s paying her upwards of $20 million dollars. “I didn’t even know I had that much money,” Rock remarked. Would he ever get married again? Rock’s no was definitive, “Not even if it cured the whole world’s AIDS.” Rock then reminded the audience that he was “hot” once, “I was like Kevin Hart for four years.”


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