Chris Rock Gives Advice To Comedians: “Be Funny To The People That Look Like You First”


Chris Rock recently sat down for a panel discussion, Produced By: New York presented by the people over at Producers Guild of America. In his conversation in front of a live audience; Rock went ahead to give advice to comedians, and shared how his experience was directing Amy Schumer for comedy special; ‘Amy Schumer Live At The Apollo’. According to Rock, comedians should build their base first by catering to people who look like them.

Chris Rock has some interesting words for his fellow comedians: cater to your base, and worry about broader audiences later. “I think everybody should be funny to the people that look like them first. If you can’t make people that look like you laugh, something’s wrong,” Rock said during a panel at Produced By: New York, an annual conference from the Producers Guild of America. Rock was asked how, in a producing role, he decides who is right for a project and how he determines what is funny. Rock cited his recent work directing Amy Schumer, and late night host Samantha Bee, as examples of his thesis. “Some people aren’t making comedy for me. Like Samantha Bee. Okay, this is not for me particularly, this is for a certain group of women, and I got to, like, kind of defer,” he said of the “Full Frontal” host.


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