Chris Rock Kicks Off The Total Blackout Tour: Opens Up About His Marriage

Thank you Durham, see you tomorrow! #TotalBlackOutTour #Durham

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The other night, Chris Rock made his grand return to the comedy world when he took to the stage to kick off the first show apart of his Total Blackout Tour. Fans in the audience were able to hear Rock’s side of the story when it came down to his very public divorce. To many people’s surprise he admitted that he wasn’t the best husband.

On the opening night performance of his highly anticipated “Total Blackout Tour,” Chris Rock told an audience in Durham, North Carolina that his return to the stage after a nine year hiatus since his last stand-up special is all thanks to alimony payments. “That’s what alimony will do to you.” After 16 years of marriage, Rock, 52, and his wife, Malaak Compton, finalized their divorce last August. According to the New York Times, Rock approached his divorce with a surprising level of honesty on stage during the Monday night performance. “I wasn’t a good husband,” he said. “I didn’t listen. I wasn’t kind. I cheated.” Rock also discussed Donald Trump and the current political climate, among other things, with his usual cynical wit.


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