Chris Rock’s Kill The Messenger Special Pulled From Delta Airlines For Gay Slur

One of Chris Rock’s specials will no longer be on flights with Delta Airlines after complaints on the use of the word f*ggot in the film, Kill The Messenger. The story has become noteworthy enough that a spokesperson for Delta has spoken up about the decision to drop the 2008 special from flights.

Following a complaint about the use of a gay slur, Delta Air Lines has decided to pull the 2008 Chris Rock stand-up special Kill the Messenger. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly Wednesday, a Delta spokesperson said the company felt it had a mistake by ever making the stand-up special available on flights and apologized to customers. “The Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger segment should not have been uploaded on flights based on our criteria for excluding onboard programming that includes content featuring explicit language, slurs, extreme violence, and explicit scenes,” the spokesperson told EW. “We apologize to any customers who were offended by the content or our airing of the segment, and we are working as quickly as possible to remove it from our aircraft.”


The joke which caused the removal of Rock’s special spear headed the conversation of Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington being fired from the series for using the gay slur towards his then co-star.

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