Chris Spencer Advises Young Comedians To Focus On Stage Material In The Midst Of The Internet

chris spencer

In a recent interview, Comedian & writer Chris Spencer talked with Black Enterprise to promote his newest film ‘I Really Hate My Ex’. During the interview, Spencer issued some words of advice to today’s younger generation of comedians who are finding success online.

BE: What advice do you have for the young comedians today who are looking to break into the industry?
Spencer: There’s a false sense of funny when you do all these videos. A lot of them do all these videos and then they get booked for shows across the country and they can’t do 15 minutes of time. People are going to be excited to see them from the video, but when that 15-minute mark hits, that’s when it starts to get hot. So my advice to these guys is not all money is good money and you can’t fizzle out at these shows because you’re not able to do the time. Make sure you’re doing your due diligence and homework by actually going into the club, writing and creating and let these people know when they book you that you only have a certain amount of time of material.

Over the past few months, Chris has even found himself back on the road working his latest stand-up material.

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