Chris Tucker Confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’ Is Moving Forward

With all these sequels happening to classic comedy films, why shouldn’t there be a ‘Rush Hour 4’? For the last several years, there have been talks that Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker was getting another installment. At first it appeared that Tucker wasn’t sure about another go-around but it appears as of recent he’s been more open to the idea. In fact, during a new interview with The Ringer’s ‘Winging It’ podcast Tucker would confirm that a Rush Hour 4 is close to pre-production as a script is coming together.

Tucker would go on to say: “It’s not in pre-production, we’re working on a few things on the script…. Jackie wants to do it, I want to do it, the studio wants to do it… we’re trying to get it together…. it looks like it’s getting together right.”

You can listen to the full conversation below, Tucker talks Rush Hour at 20:00 mark.

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