Chris Tucker Is Countersuing Comedian Over Netflix Special

chris tucker

Earlier last month just before releasing his first ever comedy special, Chris Tucker was sued by fellow comedian Terry Hodges. Terry moved forward with a law suit claiming that Chris failed to properly compesensate him for working on the new special. The special’s release still happened with Netflix and now Chris is countersuing Terry in response.

Chris Tucker isn’t backing down to a fellow comedian who claims the star stiffed him on payment for his work. Tucker is firing back with a lawsuit of his own and demanding the man pay up. As previously reported, Terry Hodges is suing Tucker and Netflix for unpaid wages he believes he’s owed from working on the comedy special “Chris Tucker Live.” He claims he edited, wrote, produced and acted in the special and had been working on the material with Tucker since 2008, but hasn’t been paid since 2011. Hodges says he’s owed $66,000 and a a co-producer credit. The Jasmine Brand now reports Tucker filed his own lawsuit against Hodges on July 28, claiming the pair made a deal for Hodges to warm up the crowd before Tucker took the stage. Tucker says he never hired Hodges to write, edit, produce act or do voice-over announcing for the special. Tucker also claims Hodges never performed the obligations of their deal and he’s been paid the full amount he’s owed. Additionally, Tucker says Hodges owes him $25,000 from a loan and he’s inquired about the payment numerous times.


Chris Tucker Live is now streaming on Netflix.

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