Chris Tucker Revealed As Prince’s Replacement For Fifth Element, Director Shares

chris tucker
One of Chris Tucker’s most rememberable roles was when he put on a leopard jumpsuit to play Ruby Rose in 1997’s Fifth Element. With the passing of Prince, more stories are coming to the surface about his life which included his career in Hollywood. Turns out that Prince was originally suppose to play Rose. Director Luc Besson gave fans the surprising news the other day as he revealed that before Tucker jumped in for the role, it was actually meant for Prince.

Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element originally had a very different cast. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were planned for the two leads, and instead of Chris Tucker was Prince. The music icon was going to play eccentric media personality Ruby Rhod, but because of his tour schedule at the time was unable to star in the sci-fi film. Days after Prince’s death at the age of 57, Besson remembers the casting that almost was. Sketches of Prince’s planned costume were put on display back in 2013 at the Brooklyn Museum’s Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, and the director shared one of them this week on Twitter. “He was supposed to play Ruby in the 5th Element…but couldn’t find dates during his tour,” he wrote.


Here’s the first time we were introduced to Rub Rose in The Fifth Element.

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