Chris Tucker Settles Netflix Special Lawsuit

chris tucker

Last year just before he aired his newest comedy special, Chris Tucker Live, Chris Tucker was hit with a lawsuit from fellow comedian Terry Hodges. According to Hodges, he had not been properly paid for some of his services for the special which premiered on Netflix. Now after months have passed, the two have reached a settlement over the lawsuit, which Chris previously followed with a lawsuit of his own.

Comedian Terry Hodges sued the Rush Hour star and bosses at the streaming service in July (15), alleging he had not been paid since 2011 for editing, writing and producing work he performed, beginning in 2008, on Chris Tucker Live. Hodges was seeking $66,000 (£45,200) and a co-producer credit on the show, but Tucker hit back with his own legal papers, claiming he only consulted with Hodges for the special and never hired him to edit, write or produce it, while maintaining he had been paid in full for his contributions. The 44-year-old also alleged he loaned Hodges a total of $37,000 (£25,337), which was never paid back. Last month (Jan16), the parties attended a mediation hearing and came to a confidential settlement.


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