It’s Clown School, the most random and wackiest podcast you will ever listen to. This podcast is dedicated to the art of stupidity, highlights some of the world’s dumbest moments, and the silly folks who created them. It also gives the listener some insight on some of the countries most interesting people. Find out who is the Clown of the week, updates to the Waffle House menu, and some interesting facts found by googling stuff.


Two Atlanta natives, Mandal and Big Jory, host the clown school podcast. Mandal is a 40-year old marine biologist who used Kung-Fu to start a comedy career. He is a regular at the Laughing Skull comedy club in Atlanta, GA and has opened up for big names such as Donnell Rawlings and Tig Notaro. Big Jory is Atlanta based Singer/songwriter who was once a dove flying over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. He has 26 children. These two were brought together by the mighty powers of the universe (they’re cousins) to bring you a weekly dosage of mind-numbing chaos.


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