Comedian Ari Shaffir Stirs Up Twitter With Joke On Tom Petty’s Death

PHOTO: Avalonuk

Ari Shaffir who is best known for hosting Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening in the past looks to have bothered a few Tom Petty fans. Yesterday it was announced that Petty, the legendary rock musician passed away in a hospital after being pulled off life support. Petty was reported to have had suffered cardiac arrest before his passing. For Shaffir he saw an opportunity to make light of the situation on Twitter but many people were not laughing, including Marc Maron. Shaffir’s joke went to make a swipe at Petty’s talent.

Now some went on to understand that Shaffir is a comedian  while others just thought the joke lacked taste. The conversation of when and what a comedian can joke about has been in the forefront these days. Wether Shaffir’s joke was funny or ill-timed is currently up for debate.  Petty was 66 years old.

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