Comedian CP Joins Cast Of CBS’s ‘History Of Them’ Pilot

Photo: Comedian CP during an interview on the “Comedy Crown Podcast’ with host Trey Moe

The last time we saw Detroit’s Comedian CP front and center as the host of MTV2’s World Star TV. Since then the comedian has been laying low until now. Yesterday news broke out that CP who’s real name is Chris Powell,  joined the cast of CBS’s History Of Them comedy pilot. According to reports, CP will play a former football player now Millionaire living in Portland. Congrats.

Written by Kellett and to be directed by Pam Fryman, the semi-autobiographical History of Them is a multi-cultural (Latinx & white) ensemble that revolves around two friends, Luna (Villafañe) and Adam (Dier), and how they fell in love, using the couple’s social media (Instagram/Twitter/FB) as a guide. Powell will play Isaac, a smart, funny, former athlete and millionaire with a sweet apartment in downtown Portland where he lives with his two best friends, Adam (Dier) and Vikram (Shah).