Comedian Dino Archie Explains To Comedy Hype Why He Stopped ‘Rising And Grinding’

In the day and age of online experts and self-help gurus, who should one listen to? Comedy Hype would catch up to our former digital cover star, Dino Archie, to see what new outlook the California based artist has after a brief retirement from comedy. Archie would take time to question today’s thoughts on people having to “rise & grind” to achieve success. “When I retired it gave me a chance to sit back and think… I started doing sh*t that I remembered I liked doing…, grinding is the antithesis of that,” Archie told our camera.

For those who don’t know, Dino currently tours with comedians like Adam Devine, and is an ongoing feature on the ‘SNAP Judgment Live tour’. Check out our full discussion with the rising stand-up comedian, below.

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